Plumbers Silicone

Make Your Own Plumbers Silicone

You can make your own plumbers silicone by combining silicone and water. First, you need to gather together some materials that will make the sealant. One of those items would be the caulking gun. Next, you will need to gather up some sealant that will go into the ends of your pipes, such as your copper or cast iron pipes. It is better if you are going to buy some because it is not difficult to pour the caulking agent into the cracks and small holes.

The next step in making your own plumbers silicone sealant is to cut the caulking from an old toilet seat or a piece of metal foil. Then, take a hot but slightly cooled glue gun and put it on the faucet stem of your copper pipe. You will have to make three separate layers of glue. One layer for the covering of the faucet stem, one for the hooks of the sink traps, and one more for the areas where you want to put the sealant on the countertop.

Plumbers Silicone

When you are done, you will then need to remove about an inch of the “lining” that is left on your plumbing parts. Take your heat gun and heat up your dielectric grease until it becomes thick and white in color. You will now put the black silicone on the end of the plumber’s grease.

The last step is to push the black silicone onto the faucet and its hooks. Once you do this, put some pressure onto the plumber’s putty with the help of your fingertips. Then, use your heat gun again to seal the gaps between the putty layers. Your final step would be to push the plumber’s putty back into the holes and coat it with some final layers of your silicone.