Technical Chairmen
Prof .A Ophir (Israel), Prof.H. Dodiuk (Israel)

Processing (Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding, Thermoforming, Direct Manufacturing)
Prof.M. Kamal (Canada), Prof. A. Isayev (USA),Prof. j. Covas (Portugal), Prof.Y. Cohen (Israel)

Bio-based and Bio – Degradable Polymers
Prof.S. McCarthy (USA), Dr. A. Dotan (Israel), Prof. S. Margel (Israel)

Blends, Compounding and Mixing
Prof. S. Bhattachrya (Australia), Dr. D. Lewitus (Israel)

Bio-medical Polymers
Prof. M. Jaffe (USA), Prof.A. Domb (Israel)

Composites Materials and Processing
Prof. C. Altan (USA),Dr.  O. Breuer (Israel),Dr.  H.Liebovitz (Israel)

Foams Technology
Prof.C. Park,Mr.  N. Goldstein(Israel)

Polymeric Nanocomposites & Nanomanufacturing
Prof. J. Mead (USA), Dr.A. Waxman (Israel)

Polymers for Energy and Environmental Applications
Prof. P. Coates (UK), Dr. A. Teurstein

Rheology of Polymers
Prof. J. Vlachopoulus (Canada), Dr. Y. Nir (Israel)

Smart and Multi-functional Polymers
Prof. P. Saha (Czech Republic),Dr.  S. Yeshurun (Israel), Prof. D. Wagner (Israel)

Surfaces and Interfaces in Polymers
Dr. V. Gutovski (Australia), Prof.H. Dodiuk (Israel)

Special Session in Honor of Prof. Zehev Tadmor
Prof.Ica Manas (USA)